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By Graham Potter | Sunday, February 8, 2015

Graham Potter writes a weekly column for the Sunshine Coast daily. Due to demand from those having trouble accessing the paper these columns are now also published on HRO courtesy of the Sunshine Coast daily.

Wow, we never saw that one coming!

The judges might still be out examining the photo-finish to the state election, but we already know this was a form turnaround of unexpected proportions.

Experts are saying the voters sent a strong message to the LNP. I say it sent a strong message to both the LNP and the ALP ... namely that the general population is sick and tired of their superficial political pandering to whatever they think strikes the right cord pre-election and all the baloney that follows after the result is posted.

Sadly, there is no strong identity around to stand up and take the political woes of the state by the scruff of the neck, so don’t hold your breath on any positive turnaround in the near future whichever party ultimately has the numbers, which will likely come only courtesy of third party support.

So where does this mess leave the racing industry?

More than ever before it leaves the racing industry in a position where it now has to make the case that the Racing Queensland Board has to have autonomous power, not tied to any political whims or predispositions, with its fortunes not aligned with any party’s success or failure at the ballot box.

Imagine what would happen to the country at large if all of the boards of directors of other major industries ... mining, financial institutions etc ... had to be replaced every time there was a change of government.

The chaos would be confounding.

Yet racing, a huge business which is a major source of revenue to whatever government is in place as well as being a major source of employment, has to stop what it is doing every now and again and has to jump through political hoops before it gets a little bit of food as a reward and is sent on its way again ... sometimes the worse off for the experience.

The supporters of the (until further notice) present regime at Racing Queensland (LNP backed) and followers of the previous regime (ALP backed) are still as polarised as ever and the change from one ruling power to another ... in either direction ... has a destabilising effect on racing’s immediate future to the clear detriment of the industry.

This can make no sense to anyone, other than to those on an individual power trip.

A big problem in this scenario of opposing forces is attacks targeting individuals, often on their perceived political bias, which seemingly is a priority far more important than having anything to do with the working towards the well-being of the industry.

Just another reason to get rid of the political ball and chain.

I know ... you’ll tell me that is not the way things are done.

My response! The way things are done is not working. Find a better way!

And just so you do understand my point ... personally, I don’t care if Arthur or Martha heads up Racing Queensland, as long as they do the job required of them by all racing stake holders whose interest they are duty bound to serve ... ok, that’s another story ... but the best way to let them do that is without political interference by giving them that autonomy I mentioned earlier.

What’s your vote on that?

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Graham Potter
Graham Potter
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