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By David Fowler | Tuesday, March 10, 2015

David Fowler is the principal thoroughbred caller for Radio TAB. David, who is a keen form student and punter, has enjoyed a lifetime involvement in the racing media. His personal blog, ‘My Call’, appears exclusively on HRO.

Just what it the ALP poised to do with racing in Queensland?

The present lot had only just recovered from the shock of winning when they encountered a baptism of fire with the live baiting crisis in the greyhound industry.

Some would suggest this episode gave them an ideal trigger to adopt wide sweeping changes.

But if governments are going to be one-term wonders, and it’s trending that way, that’s not a good sign for the racing industry. Any industry for that matter.

A buoyant industry relies on stability and consistency.

Of course there must be room for change but not for change’s sake.

The recently announced external review into the live baiting issue will almost certainly be the catalyst for the ALP to make a move on the current state of play.

Will they “cut and paste” or will they embark on a more serious structural reform to the present model of three codes merged?

Or will it be an often seen scenario of “out with the old” and “in with the new”? Same set up but with new faces.

The ALP are certainly playing their cards close to their chest. Cynics may suggest that only reveals they don’t have a long term plan on the table.

I wouldn’t expect any significant change in the short term but the findings of the greyhound review could unleash the beast.


One idea that keeps getting a mention is for an “independent” chairman.

I laugh every time I hear it. Independent of what or from whom?

I would hope a racing leader would consult with many, gather as much information as possible, then choose the best avenue to take.

Throw anyone’s hat into the ring and there’s bound to be a racing connection of sorts.

And if there’s not, they shouldn’t be considered.

“Independent” chairman is a feel-good title with precious little substance to it.


Some will never be happy with whatever the result.

It’s like the eternal gripe with prize-money. It’s never high enough.

Many cheered when Bob Bentley was shown the door.

So many of those same people are demanding Kevin Dixon depart the scene.

You all know at least one of them.

I just shake my head.


I thought the brouhaha over the sand kickback at the Sunshine Coast was over the top.

Some remedial work was needed with the amount of racing and it didn’t seem to affect the results.

It mightn’t have looked pretty but the jockeys I spoke to didn’t rate it as a major drama.

Eagle Farm’s revamp is certainly having an impact on the southeast Queensland racing landscape.

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David Fowler
David Fowler
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