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By Graham Potter and Darren Winningham | Monday, October 9, 2017

Champion jockey Jeff Lloyd will be booking his own rides from next Wednesday after parting company with his manager Cameron Partington.

“Cameron and I are parting on good terms,” explained Lloyd, “but I just feel by asking for my own rides I have got more chance of getting more of the rides I want ... instead of sharing them with a couple of other jockeys.

“You know three or four names go into a hat and there are times when your name doesn’t come out.

"I have been upset at times when I’ve not been on a particular horse and I don’t know the real reason why ... so one of the benefits of me asking for my rides directly is that there is no aggravation.

"With their direct feedback I will know exactly where I stand with owners and trainers.

“When you don’t have first hand access to what is going on you sometimes hear two sides to the story and you are stuck in the middle somewhere. There have been a few occasions, as I say, where it has come to me not really knowing where I stand.

“It has been frustrating on occasions so I thought, instead of frustrating myself, I’ll take on the job, go on my own and work directly with people.

“I know it will take a bit of time but I enjoy doing my own rides and I think I know the form well enough in Queensland now to be able to the job.

“The role is certainly not new to me. I’ve done it in South Africa. I was my own agent for a long time there. I enjoy doing it and I will enjoy the challenge of making it a success."

*The current relationship between Lloyd and Partington ends after The Everest meeting on Saturday ... so it would be a lucrative final throw at the stumps for the team should Houtzen strike gold.

*Last season Cameron Partington had Brisbane’s three top jockeys ... Jeff Lloyd, Jim Byrne and Robbie Fradd ... on his books. Lloyd has now followed Fradd out of that dominant ‘stable’ after Fradd changed managers in July this year.

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Jeff Lloyd
Jeff Lloyd
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