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By Darren Winningham with Paul Kramer | Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Paul Kramer is a social media pest who is always 'going live' on Facebook.

He loves to complete interviews of participants in horse racing,pacing and greyhound racing.

No sports are left alone!

He spends each day acknowledging the achievements of driver, jockeys and trainers with his daily update on who has done what across country, rural, picnic and metropolitan meetings.

He also seems to make it to Carnivals around Australia completing interviews and live streaming from the track – I suppose giving everyone a unique experience of the track, the venue and the atmosphere of the meeting.

Paul was once accused of knocking a fence over at Sale racecourse. Whilst there are differing accounts for the events of that day ... from the one that his large gut girth simply toppled the fence to the one where he did little more than lean against it and, because it was riddled with white ants, it fell.

The fact is that he dropped a TAB winning ticket worth $4.40 and he reached over to get it and brought down seven metres of fencing forcing the race meeting to be delayed whilst they fixed the fence!

Will done Paul!

He is infamous for his house-sitting skills. Many people still look to acquire and use him when they go away on holidays. His only caveat is that you leave the fridge stocked with Coke for him as payment!

WINNO has met the self-proclaimed “great man” on several occasions now. He even has successfully completed house sitting duties at my place and took care of Ike and Buster ... the beagles. As Ikey is no longer with us I am sure next time will be a little easier when Paul comes back to Queensland.

Finally, you always know when Paul Kramer is around. There is the little red light on his head, caution wide load sign on his behind and then the unique “Beep. Beep, Beep” sound when he reverses. All this alerts you that he is close by and you should run and hide!

The is Paul Kramer's sixty seconds with Winno.

Do you have a nickname?

"I am known as P.K – some rude people like you call me “Fatso”

Is it true have you a sponsorship with Jenny Craig?

"No, it is not." (Well WINNO has heard you have a sponsorship with them – and it says that you must keep out of sight for three years!)
“You are an idiot WINNO” says the great man P.K.

Who are you sponsored by?

"Well I really do not have a sponsor but I drink about four litres of Coke - Coca Cola - a day. I wish they would come on board and help me out. Even just a 24 can carton would help me out!

How long have you been a social media pest?

"I started in 2010 – Facebook was just getting popular!"

How did it all start for you?

"I found out about Facebook and realised I could do something unique."

So, you signed up?

"Yes – I made two accounts."

What is your password?

(He starts to answer and then realises what WINNO has just asked.)
"Ok, smart arse you nearly got me – it ends in double zero!"

I need to ask who you modelled yourself on when you started out – because, just saying, you were bloody terrible when you first started out!

"Mick Orman – he taught me everything. He is the father of Jimmy Orman – you know that great jockey in Queensland!"

Your fondest memory of being a pest on Facebook?

"It must be my birthday each year. You see hundreds and hundreds of wonderful posts from people all around Australia and the World wishing me Happy Birthday. They mean so much to me."

Best thing you like about your work?

"Bringing happiness to people – and making sure the little or unknown fellow is recognised when I can. I like to cheer people up!"

What do you do when you cannot sleep?

"Open a packet of lollies – then look at Facebook and play the free poker machine game online until I fall asleep."

What time do you get up to start work?

"I roll out of bed sometime between 7am and 10am most days."
(WINNO says that sounds right – you rolling out of bed!)

How do you prefer to be woken up in the morning? I just like to wake up naturally.

(A heckler in the crowd says tell them about you blow up doll P.K!)
"That is not true WINNO. That's just people trying to sledge the great man out in public!"

A memorable day on the punt for P.K?

"The first time UBET first brought out the mystery trifectas I went to the Mitchell races and I put on ten $1 mystery trifectas at Roma before I left. I was having a shit of a day and, would you believe it, one of them got up! It paid $1700!"

Ok, here is the challenge name the most favourite horse you have ever seen or liked?

"Purple Patch – a horse from the 1970s / 1980s era."

Who rode it PK?

"Many good jockeys WINNO!"

What was the turning point of your career – I mean being a pest on Facebook?

"Meeting you WINNO – you are a bigger pest than me!"

(Changing subjects)

What are you always late for?

"Nothing – I am always on time! On time for trains, buses, planes ... and for people picking me up. I am always on time for a feed as well."

If you could change careers tomorrow, other than taking money off the government, what would you do?

"I would love to be a jockey as they are all rich buggers. I think if I could lose some weight I would be up there with the best of them!"

What is your favourite music?

"The Eagles."

Are they like country or something PK?

"No, you idiot. They are a rock band – they sung Hotel California!"

What is the most embarrassing song on your phone?

“Barbie Girl” by Aqua – it is terrible!"

What is your favourite gadget?

"Other than my hand it must be my iPhone."

What would you choose as your last meal?

"Lamb cutlets cooked medium – with chips."

Name one person who you want to have dinner with?

"Zeena Ziln. You know the strapper who straps Viddora. She is beautiful and always has a smile for PK."

Name one thing you could not live without?

"Coke and cigarettes."

(That's two things).

What is your greatest fear?

"Not backing a winner – If I don’t back a winner I would be broke on the Pension the Government gives us!"

One of your favourite places to be?

"I love Melbourne!"

Why Melbourne?

"It is not hot down there. I hate the heat!"

Name a favourite place you travel to?

"Not Darwin that is for sure. Tasmania – as it is a lovely place and it is cool."

NRL/AFL - favourite team?

"NRL – Wests Tigers! AFL – Western Bulldogs!"

State of Origin time – NSW or QLD?

"No one. I cannot wait for it to be finished each year – I hate it!"

Who do you talk to most on the phone?

"Shaun Coulson – a greyhound trainer."

What are you most grateful for?

"That I have access to Coca Cola and smokes."

What landmark symbolises Australia?

"The Australian flag is special."

What do you like to put on a sandwich?

"I love corned beef and pickles on white bread with margarine."

What toppings do you like on your pizza?

"I do not like Pizza – so I don’t have any favourite toppings!"

How do you define success?

"Just look at me!"
(WINNO just vomited on the ground)

Who is you man crush?

"Beau Dene Appo!"

Who is your girl crush?

"Zeena Zilm!"

Tell us something that may surprise us about you?

"I am very good at mathematics."

If you are down to your last $10 what would you spend it on?

"On a good thing – maybe one of Shaun Coulson’s dogs!"

Thanks for spending 60 seconds with Winno

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PK ... with a camera (trying to take my job)

Photos: Darren Winningham
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