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By Darren Winningham | Friday, August 3, 2018


Do you have a nickname?



My dad was a fighter – he would “hammer” his opponents!

Your mum’s a trainer isn’t she?

Yea she still is! My mum is Cherie O’Neill – she is a great trainer! She only has a couple in work now.

What are her colours?

Pink – Navy Blue and Black.

How long have you been a strapper for?

Since I was 15.

You have worked for a few stables now?

I have worked for Mum, Tony Gollan, Toby Edmonds and now I am with Brian “BJ” Smith.

Okay normally I ask who your favourite horse is – but you must name one from each stable!

Mum – “Lakoudis” – it hasn’t won any races yet. If it doesn’t win a race this preparation it is gone!

Tony Gollan – Bourbon Road.

Bourbon Road – is that because you like Bourbon?

Nah – I don’t drink the stuff – he was just my favourite horse!

Toby Edmonds – Our Boy Nicolas.

Hold on doesn’t the big mare Claire Farrow claim him?

Yea – she can claim it, but it is not her horse!

How long have you been with Brian Smith?

Only been with him about three weeks now – not too long! I haven’t really got a favourite horse with the stable yet – hold on yes, I do - Canongate! I like him.

Who is your favourite jockey?

Jeff Lloyd.


He is just the “goat.”

Apprentice jockeys – any favourites?

Jackson Murphy. He is kind of nerdy – but he is talented and a real good kid.

What’s the best thing you like about your work?

The people you meet – it makes it fun.

What do you do when you cannot sleep?

I play on Facebook – it can be bad if I have been drinking.

Jockeys start early in the morning what time does Taylah get up to start work?

Wake up at 3.00am – 30 mins to make myself respectable and here at the stables by 4.00am.

How do you prefer to be woken up in the morning?

I hate being woken up in the morning. I normally just get woken up by my iPhone alarm.

Wow – really, nobody in bed next to you?


Do you have … or do you sleep with a teddy bed on your bed?


When you were a child did you like Barbie dolls?


Well what was your favourite toy?

Horses – I love them.

Name a memorable day as a Strapper?

I strapped The Virginian in the Stradbroke for Toby Edmonds and he ran third in 2016.

What are you always late for?

Nothing in particular – well maybe going to the races.

If you could change careers tomorrow what would you do?

It was always going to be with horses no matter what. I have never had a desire to be with anything else.

Could you be a nurse?

No – I cannot deal with people!

A teacher perhaps?

Definitely NOT!

What about a fire woman or a police woman?

No ..ah actually I would love to work in the ambulance and be a paramedic.

See that is cool – I could see you helping people! On the other hand, you could sit in the ambulance and chase the jockeys around! I reckon I could see you giving a jockey mouth to mouth on a track somewhere!

NO WINNO – just stop it.

A jockey like … hmmm


What is your favourite music?

I love black music.

What is your favourite musician?


What is the most embarrassing song on your phone?

Justin Biebers – I have a few of them to be honest but, to be fair, I delete all the shit stuff usually.

What is your favourite gadget?

My phone - iPhone 7 it is black.

You seem to have a thing for “black” things Taylah?

I think you can stop right about now WINNO. I am certain I know where you are heading with this.

Okay I thought you would have been a “gold” girl?

I was - but I smashed it.

What would you choose as your last meal?

Chicken Schnitzel with chips and salad and with mushroom sauce in the schnitzel.

Where would you buy this meal from?

Just anywhere that serves and cooks a decent meal.

Okay then how do you go in the kitchen?

Terrible – I am hopeless.

Can you burn water?

For sure – I could melt the pot.

Could you make yourself a meal at all?

No – I am bad wife material.

Name one person who you want to have dinner with?



As I love him so much.

Name one thing you could not live without?

It would probably be my phone!

What is your greatest fear?

I hate snakes!

What about the lethal ones in jockey’s pants?

I knew you would do this somehow you bastard! That is why I didn’t want to do this!

Have you got a boyfriend?

No! Do I want one? NO!

Hold on I ask the questions Ms Knox! Why don’t you want a boyfriend?

As they are bloody annoying.

Name one of your favourite places to be?

The races.

What is your favourite thing to do?

Get drunk!

Is that when you do your best work on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, it is.

I have seen some of those posts when you are “drunk.” They are pretty good.

Half the time it is hacked by someone – it wasn’t me! I tend to leave my phone lying around and people just grab it and have something inappropriate to say.

What is a favourite place you have travelled to?

I like Fiji.


It’s relaxing place and it is good to get away there.

NRL/AFL favourite team?

NRL – Broncos.

State of Origin time – NSW or QLD?

QLD and not NSW.

Why not NSW?

They are shit!

Who do you talk on the phone the most to?

Jeff and Nicola Lloyd.

What are you must grateful for everyday?


Have you have ridden them?

Ask Tegan Harrison.

No come on. Are you any good – can you ride them over jumps?

Yeah, I am a good rider. I have jumped her horses.

What symbolises Australia?

The Kangaroo.

What do you like to put on a sandwich?

Look it is not me – but I did eat them. There was a guy that worked at Toby’s stables and he used to put honey with peanut butter on multi grain bread and it was yum! I am plain – I have ham and tomato on multi grain or white. I am not a fan of brown breads.

How did we go from sandwiches to talking about Beau Appo?

I don’t know WINNO. He is a good friend and a great jockey. And just for the record WINNO he can run! So, if Jackson Murphy reckons he can beat him over 100 metres – I am going BEAU!

Hold on! There are three of them – Beau Appo, Jackson Murphy and Luke Dittman.

Okay – well now I will change. I am going for Luke! I am 100% on Luke.

What toppings do you like on your pizza?

I love my Pizzas! I like Pepperoni with Pineapple. I know it sounds disgusting, but they are great. Crispy crust pizzas – from Dominos.

Who is you man crush?

Boris Thornton for sure – I like my men lean and tall! He is an absolute legend!

Who is your girl crush?

Lani Fancourt – but a close second is Tiffani Brooker.

Are you a labels girl – do you like expensive things?

Not this girl!

Do you like chocolates and flowers?

Not a fan of flowers – you can’t eat them. I love chocolates.

Who buys them for you?

I buy and eat them for myself – you are not catching me out WINNO.

Do you have a fragrance you like?

Victoria Secret – “Angels” - love it! It is my go to at the moment!

You smell okay today actually – did you have a shower this morning?

Yes, you a rude bastard.

Tell us something that may surprise us about you?

I am an open book – everyone knows everything about me – and I am honest about it.

If you are down to your last $10 what would you spend it on?

Pizza – I would buy a pepperoni and pineapple pizza.

Hold on here comes Mathew O’Connell (fellow strapper) – could he also be a man crush of yours?

Yes – maybe. He will need to do a 60 second with you next and tell you all about his trip to the USA.

Seems like you have been called out Mathew “MOC” O’Connell do you accept the challenge! I promise not to pry on what you did in San Francisco!

Thank you Taylah for spending 60 seconds with Winno!

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I've worked with the Edmonds stable ...
I've worked with the Edmonds stable ...
… the Tony Gollan stable … and now I'm with BJ Smith
… the Tony Gollan stable … and now I'm with BJ Smith
Jeff Lloyd … my favourite jockey
Jeff Lloyd … my favourite jockey
Lani Fancourt … my girl crush
Lani Fancourt … my girl crush
Luke Dittman … I would be 100% on Luke to beat Beau Appo and Jackson Murphy in a 100m race
Luke Dittman … I would be 100% on Luke to beat Beau Appo and Jackson Murphy in a 100m race
I'm sure Beau will be hopping mad about that … but I did also say that Beau is a good friend and a great jockey
I'm sure Beau will be hopping mad about that … but I did also say that Beau is a good friend and a great jockey
The best thing about my work … The people you meet – it makes it fun.

Photos: Darren Winningham and Graham Potter
The best thing about my work … The people you meet – it makes it fun.

Photos: Darren Winningham and Graham Potter
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