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By Graham Potter | Thursday, March 3, 2022

The extraordinary weather event that devastated South-East Queensland over the last four days of February put life values in real perspective. but life still had to go on … and in the horseracing sense, horses still had to be cared for 24/7 whatever the difficult varying personal circumstances of individual racing participants.

The Melissa Taylor Racing stable, thankfully, came through the drama in fortunate fashion.

“We were pretty lucky,” said Taylor. “Our stables were good. They held up pretty well.

“They did get a little bit wet … so we had to move horses around,” explained Taylor. “I’ve got horses in the hinterland. I’ve got horses at Grandview … so horses had to be moved out of Grandview to the stables and visa-versa … just for a few days in the interim while the land was drying out basically.

“I had horses that were due to come in … like Mob Buster, he came in, so that was good.

“The storm we had on the Thursday morning was probably the worst of all … without the floods as such … but the lightning and everything was really something.

“The horses were all pretty good. They were all as settled as they could be in the circumstances.

“We were also lucky in a sense in that we’ve got the Poly Track here at the Sunshine Coast, so we were still able to get the horses worked to an extent.

“Obviously, there were no jump-outs or trials or anything … but, in a sense, we could still get them worked.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t that bad for us which we are thankful for … and obviously we really feel for those who had a worse time than us.”

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Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor
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