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By Graham Potter | Sunday, June 5, 2022

“I’m happy with how things are going. I’m getting quite a few rides. I had eleven rides yesterday (Saturday June 4) – five at the Gold Coast (for two second placings) and six at Toowoomba (for one win), so I am being given opportunities," said Jasmine Cornish.

“There were quite few different trainers and new trainers that I rode for yesterday as well. It was a long day and I slept pretty well last night, that’s for sure.

“That’s how I stay fit … just riding work and race-day.
“I had those three race meetings along the way, just getting quite a few seconds, so it was good to bounce back with two winners on Friday and Saturday.

“Lemon Duchess (who won at the Sunshine Coast on Friday June 3 for the second successive time and for the third time in her last four starts) … yeah, she is going so well at the moment.

‘The owners want her to go to town next start.

“My license to ride in town has been approved … it was approved a couple of weeks ago … but I’m still just waiting for the right time to go, but my license is there.

“I don’t want to go just yet … but, if its for Lemon Duchess I might think about it … and go for her because she is a horse I know very well and get along with, but there is also a race for her at the Sunshine Coast … a Class 6 over 1400m … which is exactly her.

“When will I feel ready to make the move to town regularly?

“I guess it is difficult. I feel I am basically ready. I feel like I know what I am doing, but I know I am learning every day and that there is still so much to learn.

“You have got to challenge yourself every day, I guess, and taking the step to go to town will be the next challenge. Of course, you want to get to town, but I am happy at how I am progressing at the provincial level and that I am moving in the right direction

“I’ve been told by everybody that when you first get to town, riding against the top riders there is quite intimidating no matter how ready you are … but we all have to go through that stage.”

“I’ll get there.

“Right now I’ve got a mini-break now with my week’s suspension.

“I going to Sydney for some down-time with my auntie. Normally I’m just in such a routine. I just get on a roll, riding every day … and then when I do get a day off, I think what am I going to do with myself npw.

“Going to Sydney will be different I’m sure … a change of scenery and a nice freshen-up.

“Then I’ll be back and raring to go.”

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Jasmine Cornish ... enjoying life in the saddle
Jasmine Cornish ... enjoying life in the saddle
Photos: Graham Potter
Photos: Graham Potter
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