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By Graham Potter | Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Another three month wait before another assessment on her back. That, essentially, was the outcome of Jasmine Cornish’s visit to the doctor today where she received a report-back on her latest set of scans following the surgery she had in November to repair a broken back suffered in a serious fall in a race trial at Beaudesert. Here she continues her story in HRO’s latest edition of ‘Catching Up With Cornish.”

“On the one hand it wasn’t good news ... but, again, then I went into the doctor’s rooms today to see the latest scans on my broken back with no real expectations, so I couldn’t even say I was that disappointed afterwards.

“Or, at least, I thought I went into the doctor with no expectations but, when I was shown the scans, I realised I wasn’t expecting my scans to look that bad when I got there.

“I was like ... wow ... I didn’t think it would look like that ... but I’ve got to be grateful that basically its all good in terms of the fact that there are no complications. It’s just that the healing process needs more time.

“The bones aren’t fused properly yet. The area between the rods and my spine has not healed. Once that is healed and built up completely it will be strong, but until then I have got to take care of it ... not let it get bumped or anything like that ... or fall off a horse ... no, I’m kidding. I’m not allowed to get on a horse yet.

“Yeah, I’m going out and socialising. I’ve got to keep in high spirits somehow ... socialising and thinking about the good things that I am still able to do.

“I just have to stay away from my job, unfortunately, which is hanging out with horses.

“I just can’t take the risk of getting trampled or being in a position where I might have to move quickly out of the way, but obviously I can still go and give them a careful cuddle every now and then ... which I do, particularly the foals.

“I’d like to get out to the races again soon when we’ve got a runner, but I’ll be going down to Sydney on Thursday morning to see my auntie.

“I’m just using my time off to catch up on all of my social life that I’ve missed being a jockey working and riding every single day.

“Has it crossed my mind that being away from that hectic riding schedule is not a bad life?

The answer to that is, what else would I do?

“The thing that really makes me want to come back is obviously to help dad in the stable.

“I think he has had three winners since I’ve been out. We are very appreciative to have the three winners, but I can see it taking a toll on dad that I’m not there to help him like before, because I know his horses so well.

“It’s been just about three months since my fall ... and now it’s at least another three months to go before anything will change. (Doctor’s orders).

“It’s just a long-term fix and, if that’s what it is ... that’s what it is.

“Ultimately, it is all about healing properly. It just going to take more time.

“I can manage that!”

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Jasmine Cornish at the Gold Coast track ... getting out and socialising  ...
Jasmine Cornish at the Gold Coast track ... getting out and socialising ...
... but behind the smile and positive demeanour, there is still a lot of healing to be done
... but behind the smile and positive demeanour, there is still a lot of healing to be done
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