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By Graham Potter | Tuesday, February 28, 2023

It is close on four months now since Jasmine Cornish broke her back in a fall during a race trial at Beaudesert. The recovery to date has been slow and arduous and, for the most part, there is not that much that Cornish can do other than to allow her injury the time it requires for the body to repair the serious damage it suffered in the incident. That’s easier said than done when you had previously been used to a daily dose of highly charged activity, but Cornish is bearing up well under the circumstances. Here Jasmine Cornish continues her story in HRO’s latest edition of ‘Catching Up With Cornish.”

“Another month of waiting has passed.

“One good thing is that this last month seems to have gone by pretty quickly ... but I’m still dealing with some of the same issues.

“Unfortunately, I would say the pain is still the same ... I don’t think it has improved too much.

“I have started to do a little bit more. I’m obviously still going to the gym and doing the treadmill and stairs ... and I’ve just started physio.

“The pain I’m talking about is back pain and also sometimes the movement in my neck is restricted a little bit.

“I’ve been to a chiropractor as well. I only went last week, so I’m hoping that will give me better freedom of movement of my neck moving forward.

“The pain used to affect my sleep, but that’s alright now.

“For all of that, I definitely do still keep myself busy.

“I’ve been going down every morning and watching the horses and telling everyone what to do, which horse is next ... just doing the vocal work ... supervising a bit.

“It feels like I’m helping. I just like being in there. It makes me feel part of the team.

“I’ve also been to the races on a couple of occasions. I went to Doomben and I’ve been to the Gold Coast.

“I’m watching and wanting to ride all of the time ... but, as bad as I want to, I would never chance it now.

“I know I can’t do anything or make any decision in that regard until I go for that next medical assessment in two month’s time and hear what the outcome of that is.

‘Not much else to add really ... except to say, the waiting game continues ...”

*In spite of being out of action since early November, Cornish, last season’s Queensland Provincial Jockey’s Premiership winner, still holds down third place in this season’s Queensland Provincial Jockey’s Premiership as well as fourth place in the Brisbane Metropolitan Jockey’s Premiership ... statistics which underline just how well she was riding before that serious incident at Beaudesert brought an abrupt halt to her season.,/i>

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